400 Rental Homes in CA, AZ and TX
(Acquired in 2012-2014)
Status: Partial Portfolio Sale and Under Management

La Veranda SFR Development
(Acquired: 2013)
Status: Sold in 2017

1300 Homes in CA, AZ and TX
(Acquired: 2008-2014)
Status: Sold in 2009-2015 (20%+ IRR)

San Clemente Luxury Home Development
(Acquired in 2014)
Status: Sold in 2020

San Clemente Townhome Development
(Acquired: 2019)
Status: Sold in 2020

Wildomar Home Development
(Acquired: 2007)
Status: Under Development

Cottonwood Moreno Valley Build-for-Rent Development
Status: Under Development

Palmdale Build-for-Rent Development
Status: Under Development

Citivest, Inc.
4350 Von Karman Ave., Suite 200
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